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Locksmith North York

Ready to say goodbye to the traditional mechanical door strike and adopt a more secure way of controlling access? You likely want to install an electric strike system in a North York building or room and our company will be an excellent choice for the service.

To ease your mind, let us pinpoint that North York Locksmith is available for the full range of services on electric strikes. Whether it’s time for the installation or repair service of an electric door strike system in North York, Ontario, our team is at your disposal.

Installation of an electric strike system in North York

Electric Strike System North York

If you are interested in the installation of an electric strike system, North York locksmiths with experience in these devices are at your service. The electric strike replaces the mechanical one on the door frame, ensuring quick access via a key card or code. Usually combined with keypad systems, biometrics, intercoms, and card readers, these devices allow you to control access, revoke permissions, and move in and out easily.

Both fail-secure and fail-safe electric strike systems are installed. Do you want an electric strike with a card reader? An electric door strike intercom system? Contact us. No matter what device you want and whether this is for a residential or commercial property, our team is at your service.

Electric door strike system repairs and services

Since we are available for full electric strike system repair services, contact us if you are having any problems with an existing device. A certified pro quickly responds to check the nature of the problem and do the required repairs.

Contact us no matter what your electric strike system service needs are. From repairs and maintenance to upgrades, new installations, and retrofits, our team is experienced with and available for all services.

Don’t take chances with electric strike installations & repairs. Call us

Such devices often go hand in hand with intercoms and other access control systems. This means that they are complex – hence, hard to install and service. Don’t take chances. After all, these systems are meant to provide convenience and, more than anything, security. Fail-safe electric strikes installed at fire exits must remain in good condition to be released at once in the event of a life-threatening situation. Make sure all services take place on time and are carried out with the precision required. Always contact us for North York electric strike system installations and repairs. We will be happy to listen to your current needs and serve.